The team was established as part of the LA re-structure plan of Behaviour Support Provision within the Authority, effective from April 2001 and fully implemented in 2005.

The team at present consists of 1 Teacher, 2 Therapists and 2 Behaviour Support Workers.

Our provision is based on the recommendations of the LA Behaviour Support Plan.

The aims of the Outreach Service:-

  • To commit to an inclusive approach to pupils with attendance, behavioural or emotional needs
  • To develop a service which focuses on the needs and differences of individuals
  • To offer a cohesive approach in our work with children, schools, parents and carers, E.P.’s, E.W.O.s, health professionals and Social Services.

Therapeutic Intervention

Our main objective is the development of emotional literacy and the promotion of mental health and resilience.

One-to-one support

We provide children with behavioural or social needs weekly one- to- one support within their school.  We withdraw the child for hourly sessions.

We also provide staff training and NDD programmes.

Outreach Support Team