Class 1

Year 7 Class Spring Term Review

Throughout the term, Class 1 delved into the intricacies of spelling, punctuation, and grammar (SPAG). They focused on constructing multi-clause sentences and mastering punctuation rules, enhancing their written communication skills.

Class 1 dedicated their efforts to mastering the art of reading analogue clocks, understanding concepts of “past” and “to,” and measuring time passage accurately. Their engagement with time-related challenges have created a solid foundation in mathematical understanding.

Exploring the fascinating world of chemistry, Class 1 studied the periodic table, distinguishing between elements, mixtures, and compounds. Their understanding of fundamental chemical principles laid the groundwork for future scientific endeavours.

Class 1 embraced physical activity with enthusiasm, primarily participating in rock climbing sessions at Awesome Walls. Additionally, they honed their cricket skills, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship. They also enjoyed weekly swimming lessons, refining their aquatic abilities and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Food Tech
In the culinary realm, Class 1 showcased their creativity by preparing a variety of meals using diverse ingredients. Their culinary adventures expanded their knowledge and fostered a love for cooking.

Through hands-on experience, Class 1 embarked on woodworking projects, crafting their own tables and cupboards while mastering the use of woodworking tools and techniques.

Delving into history, Class 1 explored the fascinating story of The Titanic and its profound connections to our community in Liverpool. Their study enriched their understanding of historical events and their significance.

Equipped with coding skills, Class 1 ventured into the world of digital creativity using Scratch. Their coding projects enabled them to unleash their imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Class 1 immersed themselves in the beauty of nature and the concept of metamorphosis through various art forms. From Zentangle drawings to exploring rubbing techniques, their artistic endeavours reflected creativity and innovation.

Exploring future pathways, Class 1 delved into various career options and post-school opportunities, including college, apprenticeships, and other vocational paths. Their career exploration provided valuable insights for their future endeavours.

Class 1 engaged in meaningful discussions about different types of relationships, including parental, friendship, work, and sexual relationships. They cover empathy, understanding, and respect for diverse relationships in life.

Class 1 have also been learning and competing in various different card games and interactive quizzes to develop their social skills and teamwork during their form times.

With dedication and enthusiasm, Class 1 embraced a diverse range of subjects and experiences this term, laying the foundation for continued growth and learning in the future.

Year 7 Class Autumn Term Review

Year 7 have been actively exploring biology, developing skills to use a microscope to observe animal and plant cells. Year 7 have also been exploring matter and its properties. Studying the particle model theory, change of states of matter.

Year 7 have been exploring the intriguing differences between life in Tudor England and the present day, and this has linked to careers. They’ve delved into the contrasting experiences of the rich and poor during Tudor times, connecting this historical context to local history in Liverpool. Year 7 have also looked at key figures of the Tudor period and understood the reign of Henry VII and challenges he faced. Year 7 have also begun to explore the basics of the alliance system during WW1 identifying the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. Students have been introduced into the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Year 7 have been learning how to protect themselves online, looking at scams, fake accounts, personal information privacy and overall online safety.

In maths, year 7 have been focussing on measurements and different units of measurements. They are also learning how to calculate areas of different 2d and 3d shapes using the correct equations and units.

Year 7 have been learning about different viable carriers for their futures.

Year 7 have read ‘Cirque du freak’ and are currently reading ‘The Breadwinner’. They have also been learning how to structure different pieces of writing e.g. diary entries, formal letters etc.

Food tech
Year 7 have learnt safety precaution when cooking and are currently learning how to cook a multitude of meals from different cuisines.

Year 7 have been learning how to use tones in their artwork and have been focussing on facial features.

Year 7 have played many sports during PE including football, basketball and dodgeball but are currently focussing on the sport of badminton.

Year 7 have been learning how to build relationships and understand the different relationships within everyday life.

Year 7 have been going to play football trips throughout the week and some have been attending a football tournament every week or so.

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