Class 2

Dear Class 2 Superstars and Grown-ups,

As we bid farewell to the spring term, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. It’s been a term filled with more twists and turns than a magical adventure, and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

BFG – Big Friendly Grins!

In our form time, we’ve journeyed alongside Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant through the whimsical wonders of “The BFG.” With every turn of the page, our imaginations soared higher.

Art – Myths & Brushes!

Our budding artists have unleashed their creativity, bringing mythical creatures to life with a stroke of a brush and a sprinkle of imagination. From majestic dragons to whimsical sprites, our class have been buzzing with magical energy!

Computing – Unlocking Digital Secrets:

In the realm of Computing, we’ve been unravelling the mysteries of data representation and communication. From Morse Code to hieroglyphics, students are discovering how information and data can be sent and displayed in various forms, igniting their curiosity for digital exploration.

English – SPaGtacular Adventures!

We’ve embarked on SPaGtacular adventures through the pages of “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” Our literary journey has been filled with twists, turns, and plenty of punctuation pitfalls!

Humanities – War-torn Tales!

In our exploration of World War 2, we’ve uncovered tales of bravery, resilience, and sacrifice. From the Home Front to the battlefields, our hearts have been touched by the stories of those who lived through tumultuous times.

DT & Science – Crafting & Blooming!

With saws and test tubes in hand, we’ve dived into the realms of DT and Science. From crafting jewellery boxes to exploring the mysteries of sexual reproduction  in plants and animals.

PHSE – Relationship Revelations!

In our PHSE discussions, we’ve delved into the intricate webs of relationships. From professional to platonic, familial to intimate, we’ve learned that every connection is a piece of the puzzle that makes us who we are.

Food Tech – Global Gastronomy!

Our taste buds have embarked on a culinary journey around the world! From sizzling fajitas to comforting spaghetti bolognese, our Food Tech adventures have been a feast for the senses.

PE – Smashing Table Tennis Skills!

With paddles in hand and balls flying, we’ve mastered the art of table tennis! Our PE sessions were filled with rallies, volleys, and plenty of laughter as we honed our skills on the table.

Extra-Curricular – Making Waves & Strikes!

Our extracurricular escapades have been an epic saga of adventure and camaraderie, leaving us swept away by the tide of fun and friendship! From making waves in the swimming baths to scoring goals on the football pitch, we’ve ridden the waves of excitement with gusto!

But our adventures didn’t end there – we’ve also had the pleasure of embarking on reward trips to the local bowling alley, where we aimed for strikes both on and off the lanes! With each roll of the ball, we unleashed our inner champions and celebrated every spare with cheers and high-fives!

And let’s not forget our thrilling end-of-term cinema trip, where we immersed ourselves in the cinematic spectacle of “Dune.” From the sandy dunes of Arrakis to the intergalactic battles, we were transported to a world beyond our wildest imaginations!

As we reflect on these unforgettable moments, we’re reminded that in the game of life, every adventure is a stroke of joy and every friendship a cherished treasure. Here’s to more waves, strikes, and cinematic magic as we continue to make memories together in Class 2!

As we bid adieu to the spring term, we’re filled with gratitude for the laughter, learning, and love that has filled our classroom. Here’s too many more magical adventures in the chapters yet to come!

Warm regards,

Mr. Taylor, Josie & Keith

Class 2 Staff

A Magical Start to the New Year in Class 2 – Wishing Chair Adventures and Splashy Swims!

Hello, Class 2 Superstars (and grownups)!

We hope this newsletter finds you all in high spirits as we reflect on the exciting journey Class 2 has embarked upon. From programming adventures to artistic explorations, and from literary delights to energetic sports, our boys have been on quite the thrilling ride.

Coding Capers in Computing:

In the world of computing, our budding programmers have been mastering the art of coding. With Scratch as their canvas, they’ve delved into the realm of game development and proudly created their version of the classic arcade game Pac-Man. It’s been incredible to witness their creativity and problem-solving skills flourish as they bring their digital visions to life.

Artistic Marvels in Art:

Meanwhile, in the art, our young artists have been immersed in a world of colour, texture, and form. Exploring the intricacies of animal anatomy, they’ve honed their observational skills and unleashed their creativity on the canvas. And with mythical creatures on the horizon, we can’t wait to see the fantastical worlds they’ll conjure next!

Literary Explorations in English:

In the realm of English, our boys have been diving deep into the nuances of language and storytelling. From mastering spelling, punctuation, and grammar (SPaG) to sharpening their skills in inference and characterisation, they’ve been on a quest for literary excellence.

Thrilling Adventures in PE:

In the arena of PE, our boys have been unleashing their competitive spirits in the exhilarating game of Dodgeball. With swift reflexes and strategic maneuvers, they’ve embraced the challenges of teamwork and sportsmanship, all while staying active and energized.

Swimming and Storytelling in Form Time:

And let’s not forget our refreshing dips into the pool during swimming lessons! Alongside our aquatic adventures, our form time has been filled with enchanting tales from the world of Enid Blyton. The magic of “A Wishing Chair Adventure” has captivated our imaginations, inspiring dreams of far-off lands and daring escapades.

Next Half-Term: Roald Dahl’s BFG Joins the Adventure!

As we bid farewell to half term 3, we’re thrilled to announce that our literary explorations will continue with Roald Dahl’s beloved tale, “The BFG.” Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey filled with giants, dreams, and extraordinary adventures during our upcoming form time sessions!

As we look forward to the adventures that await us in the second half of the term, we extend our warmest wishes to you all for a restful and rejuvenating half-term break!

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