Class 2

Throughout the last half term class 2 have taken part in a number of activities with the aim of trying to develop the pupil’s social skills. Within PE the boys have taken part in both cricket and dodgeball. The pupils have developed a number of skills within these activities and have had some fun on the way.

During afternoon form times the pupils have had reading sessions where either one of them or a member of the form staff would read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We are coming to the end of this book now and have started to watch the film. The pupils have been fully engaged in these sessions and it has been nice to have some relaxation time with them where they are able to have some down time.

The pupils have also taken part in a number of career sessions which. At the start of the term Nicola from Careers Connect did a session on helping the pupils to start to develop an idea of what they may want to do when they leave education. This has been followed up with a number of sessions in class where the pupils have been guided towards discovering what they will need to do to allow them to have the opportunity to achieve a career in their chosen field.

A there has been no minibus in school this term we have had to introduce different ways of rewarding the pupils for their behaviour. A number of the pupils in class 2 had a special lunch in school where they were given the opportunity to select a meal from McDonalds. This as a real hit with the pupils who had achieved green days for the week.

A number of the pupils in class 2 have benefitted from being able to access the interventions which are available within school. Reading interventions and Thrive interventions have been utilised by a number of the pupils.

A selection of the pupils have also chosen to take part in the music sessions that are available for them on a Wednesday, the uptake of these sessions from pupils in Class 2 has increased throughout the term and is an activity that they seem to enjoy.

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