Staffing Structure

STAFFING   AND STRUCTURE     –     July 2019

NAME                                                 DESIGNATION

Mrs Jane Pepa*                                Headteacher             –           Family Thrive Trainer and Practitioner

Mr Stephen Trainor                        Assistant Headteacher: Maths, whole school numeracy

Vacancy              *                             Assistant  Headteacher: Teaching and Learning, Key Stage 4 Science and PSHE

Mr Richard Plechowicz                  Teacher –  English, whole school literacy

Mr Martin Sheridan                        Teacher –  D.T. / Art

Mr Stephen Rose*                           Teacher – Key Stage 3 Science, Key Stage 4 ICT

Mr Graeme Hill                                Teacher – Physical Education

Mr Adam Leadbetter                       Teacher – Food Tech / Humanities

Mr Thomas Johnson                        Teacher – Science

Ms Amy Davies                                 Cover Supervisor

Mrs Lisa Pover                                 Career’s Lead & Engagement Programme Coordinator

Ms Ciara Driver                                Learning Support Tutor

Mr Robert Beattie                            Engagement Programme Support Worker

Ms Chelsie Couldwell                      Maths Tutor


Mrs Kate Garrett                              Pastoral Manager / Designated safeguarding Lead


Mr Stephen Collier                          Learning Support Assistant

Ms Faye Cracknell                           Learning Support Assistant

Mr Ken Duff                                      Learning Support Assistant

Ms Hannah O’Flaherty                   Learning Support Assistant

Ms Katy Moore                                 Learning Support Assistant

Ms Carolyn Rigby                             Learning Support Assistant

Mr Kenny Forth                                Learning Support Assistant

Mr Adam Rainford                           Learning Support Assistant

Mr Callum Smyth                             Learning Support Assistant


Mr David Murphy                             Finance / School Business Manager

Mrs Margaret Taggart                     Admin Officer

Ms Amy Banks                                  Apprentice Business Admin


Mr Ian Peach                                    Site Manager

Mrs Lyn Parry                                  School Cook

Mrs Marie Bird                                Assistant School Cook

Ms Karen Eccles                              Cleaner



*Thrive support – developing social and emotional skills.