Staffing Structure


NAME                                                DESIGNATION

Mrs Jane Pepa                     –           Headteacher

Mr Stephen Trainor             –           Assistant Headteacher:   Maths, whole school numeracy

Mr Alan Gadsby                   –           Assistant Headteacher:   Teaching and Learning

Mr Richard Plechowicz       –           Teacher – English, whole school literacy
Mr Martin Sheridan             –           Teacher – D.T. / Art
Mr Wayne Tagoe                 –           Teacher – Physical Education
Mr Stephen Rose                 –           Teacher – Key Stage 3 Science, FT, ICT
Mr Tom Unsworth                –           Teacher – Key Stage 3 Maths
Mr Adam Leadbetter           –           Cover Supervisor


Mr Chris Pover                     –           Engagement Programme Manager/Careers Leader
Ms Ciara Driver                    –           Learning Support Tutor
Mr Robert Beattie                 –           Engagement Programme Support Worker

Ms Chelsie Couldwell          –            Maternity Cover


Mr Ken Duff                          –           Learning Support Assistant
Mr Stephen Collier               –           Learning Support Assistant
Ms Hannah O’Flaherty        –           Learning Support Assistant

Ms Carolyn Rigby                –           Learning Support Assistant

Mr James Dougherty           –           Learning Assistant 1:1 Support

Mrs Kate Garrett                   –           Pastoral Manager / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Dave Murphy                  –           Finance / School Business Manager
Mrs Margaret Taggart         –           Admin Officer


Mr Ian Peach                        –           Site Manager
Mrs Lyn Parry                       –           School Cook

Mrs Marie Bird                     –            Assistant Cook
Ms Karen Eccles                  –           Cleaner