Careers Information

Careers Information

Provider access Policy 2020-21

Careers, education, information and guidance policy 20-21

Parent Pack January 2021

Careers guidance prentice applications closing in January (for Summer 2021 starts) it would be brilliant to go and have a look.”e-pack for schools and Parent resources

Career Advice and Guidance Plan 2020-2021

In addition to our commissioned Career, advice and guidance plan, Clifford Holroyde have partnered with Career Connect to deliver a whole school Informed transitions pilot.  Career Connect have developed an innovative model of delivery that provides intensive personal guidance interventions for young people and their parents/carers attending specialist social emotional and mental health provision (SEMH). The model has been developed as a ‘whole school’ approach to personal guidance by offering multiple and effective interventions (a minimum of 4 interactions) for every young person attending specialist SEMH provision in Years 7 to 11

Informed Transitions Pilot Overview and Delivery Plan



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