Brand new world project together with LCEP

From the 8th of November we are starting the brand new world project with classes 1, 2 and 3

What is ‘Brand New World’? ‘Brand New World’ is an investment in young people’s creative ideas and visual expression, coordinated by schools and supported throughout by LLP’s Cultural Education Coordinator (Alice Demba), an Artistic Lead (Maria Paul) and a Wellbeing Practitioner. During the process, young people will experience visual arts workshops in school run by ethnically diverse local artists, some of whom may be young, emerging practitioners. The aim is for this to increase awareness of what visual art is, and what appeals most to the young people. LLP will pay these artists and can also provide funding for travel, so that schools can take students to visit local art galleries and public art locations. The next step is for young people to identify a concept for a new visual art work for their community. Once they have formulated their idea for an art work, they will commission a professional artist to work with them to create this. The Artistic Lead will help students to develop a brief inviting artists to apply. In their applications, artists will explain how they could respond to the young people’s concepts and work with them to bring them to life. The project will culminate in an event that unveils the brand new visual art works, designed by young people, for young people. Whatever they are, they will have emerged from the imagination of the young people themselves.