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Dear Parents and Carers,

We are one month into this third lockdown and we want to acknowledge all that you are doing for your children. Throughout this time exceptional demands have been placed upon your shoulders.

We have been identifying different groups of workers who have shown incredible service and commitment during the pandemic – they deserve our thanks. But nothing replaces your role as a parent or carer. You provide your children with love, support and care. These are the most important things that help children develop and grow through challenging circumstances. Thank you and well done!

This is particularly difficult for those of you who have to juggle child care, remote learning and work pressures. That is why we will continue to call for government to provide better financial support for our workers and those who have suffered job losses during this time.

Keeping yourselves and children safe is so important. That is why we keep reiterating the advice to stay at home if you possibly can and follow the rules of hands – face – space. We also encourage you to get tested and take up the offer of the vaccine when it is your turn.

It is also important that you reach out if you need support. There is always someone available and ready to listen and help. There are some useful resources here:

Once again, thank you so much , and please keep you and your loved ones safe.

Councillor Wendy Simon – Acting Mayor of Liverpool

Councillor Barbara Murray – Cabinet member for education





“You may have seen this previously but we recently found a brilliant set of resources to help young people with learning difficulties deal with the pandemic, courtesy of Beyond Words.

If you haven’t seen their products before, they create books which are all picture-based, to help people who cannot read or who don’t like written words to understand and communicate through visuals. The pandemic is tough enough, and so having resources like this are great for helping young people with learning difficulties understand. The COVID resources are all free, covering the following:

  • Protecting ourselves
  • Beating the virus
  • Testing for coronavirus
  • Mental health, end of life and bereavement
  • Secure settings

We thought this might be useful for you if you have not seen it yet, hopefully you’ll be as impressed as we were!”





Risk Assessment – January 2021CLIFFORD HOLROYDE COVID Risk Assessment 2021 01

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Christmas Holidays School Letter 2020

New Self Isolation Rules December 2020

Risk Assessment – 26.11.2020

Vodafone offer

– free data SIMs – with 30GB data for 90 days – to children in primary and secondary schools across the UK to help with learning at home.  You can find out more information here:


The Black and Asian Family Covid-19 Helpline

Barnardo’s has launched a vital new support service  which we believe will make a positive difference to the lives of many Black, Asian and minority ethnic children, young people and their families impacted by Covid-19.

This is a UK-wide helpline which will focus on issues specifically affecting children, young people and families from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, who as we all know, have been hardest hit by the pandemic. The new service is a free telephone helpline and web chat facility for children, young people and families from these communities who are suffering the long-lasting and wide-ranging impact of Covid-19. Barnardo’s specialist advisors will aim to provide on-going support on a complex range of issues including mental health, bereavement, family break-down, neglect, back to school, parenting advice, counselling, family stress, discrimination, barriers to services and more.

You can find out more about the new helpline here:

The crucial on-going work we have done with our current See, Hear, Respond, England programme will provide a seamless route to this new helpline to wider locally-run support services up until August 2021

Face coverings in education

Where local restrictions apply

Consistent with WHO’s new advice, schools and colleges should take additional precautionary measures in areas where the transmission of the virus is defined as either high or very high under the local COVID alert level framework.

When an area moves to the local COVID alert level ‘high’ or ‘very high’, in education settings where year 7 and above are educated, face coverings should be worn by adults (staff and visitors) and pupils when moving around indoors, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. As in the general approach, it will not usually be necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom, where protective measures already mean the risks are lower, and they may inhibit teaching and learning.

COVID 19 Risk Assessment Oct 2020


Risk Assessment September 2020

LCC Appendix A COVID 19 RAMS Clifford Holroyde 2020 09 02

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