Knowledge Based Curriculum Map

Humanities Aims and Objectives

The link between Humanities subjects is we humans and the human experience- what we use the earth for, how the earth shapes humans, how beliefs shape attitudes of people towards each other, and how the experience of the past has shaped the present. History teaches us about our past, it grounds us in our roots and helps us to understand the present. Geography prepares us for our future by allowing us to understand places and the relationships between people and their environments, and Religious Education gives us an understanding of world cultures, the diversity of the human race and our place within it.

The vision across the humanities subjects at Clifford Holroyde is to give pupils a broad and rich curriculum which fosters social justice and equality, teaches empathy and that allows students to become curious, critical thinkers.

Our aim:

To stimulate interest, enjoyment and a sense of wonder and awe about our world. We want to fascinate and inspire our pupils about the beauty and intrigue of our planet and the people in it, past, present and future.

To provide essential knowledge that allows pupils to be educated citizens to make informed choices in a society which is rapidly changing.

To develop and encourage questioning and critical thinking across the faculty so students become confident thinkers and learners inside and outside of the classroom.

To encourage students to develop a range of knowledge and skills that will provide a foundation for future study and a preparation for employment or higher education.


Humanities will be taught on a thematic approach, but cross curricular links will be made throughout. Students in KS3 will have 2 terms of Geography and History and RE. Each lesson has been carefully planned and resourced to ensure that students are able to develop mastery of the skills from each department area and widen their knowledge of the world.


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